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Temporary Insurance For A Car

If you are anything like the majority of drivers, the very term car insurance is enough to send chills down your spine (or, more likely, to hurt where it matters most: your budget). We don’t need to tell you how time consuming and tedious all that searching, comparing, and reading the fine print is. The worst part of it? In the majority of cases, you end up paying more than you’d want.

According to research carried out by the AA, average car insurance premiums in the UK have fallen by more than 12 per cent when compared to last year figures, but of course this doesn’t mean much if you don’t happen to fall within the average. Considering the state of the economy, it is only reasonable that you may want to cut down the costs of your car insurance without compromising the level of cover you currently have. So what are your options? Let’s take a look at temporary (or short term) car insurance.

What is it?

This type of insurance offers cover for a period of time that ranges between 1 and 28 days. Why would anyone want to buy car insurance for less than a month?, you may be asking. Well, perhaps you are lucky enough to be test driving a new car, or maybe you are planning a long road trip on someone else’s car. Perhaps you have friends or relatives who want to borrow you car for a couple of days, or it might be that you are the person borrowing someone else’s car while yours is in the garage. Are you moving and need to drive a friend’s van?  All these are examples of situations in which temporary car insurance would be beneficial.

Benefits of insuring on a temporary basis

The main advantage of purchasing short period car insurance is flexibility. Why would you pay more to get the same level of cover when you could pay less? An important point to keep in mind is that this type of insurance is not there to replace your existing policy, but rather, it should be considered as a good alternative for the situations described above.

Another advantage is that this type of policy does not affect in any way your regular policy, and if you are involved in an accident while driving on this type of cover, your no claims record will not be affected. Also, if your car is going to be used by young drivers, short term insurance can work out cheaper than adding them to your main policy.

Who qualifies?

Generally speaking, Short term car insurance is available to drivers aged 18 to 75, although some insurers do not cater to drives aged 18 to 21. However, you must note that drivers with a poor driving record or past motoring offences might be refused cover. You can apply short term car insurance to cars, vans, motorbikes, and even motor homes.

Where to look for it?

It might be worth asking your insurer if they have any short period cover deals. As usual though, your best bet is to go online and look at specialist 1-28 day insurers to see which policy suits your needs best.

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