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The Importance Of Securing Mexican Car Insurance

If You Travel South Of The Border

Any new traveler to Mexico and especially if you are driving, will have to contend with distractions such as new sights to see and Spanish street signs among others. He/she will be expected to seek directions and mileage from Spanish signs that litter the road sides. All this is bound to lead to increased chances of involvement in a road accident or mishap. Personal Car insurance for Mexico should be a welcome cushion against this, especially since US and Canadian car insurance policies are invalid, mostly because the territory of Mexico is excluded on these policies and in any at fault accident you will be detained until your financial obligations are met (Napoleonic Law). Mexican auto insurance can be gotten from numerous sources including various authorized firms and online sites which are likewise authorized to transact in Mexican insurance policies.

Online Mexican Insurance is available from sites such as Mexican Insurance which guarantee competitive quotes for a better comparison, convenience and hassle free exercise, extremely low rates and depending on whether the Mexico insurer is “A” Rated, reliable. (Most local Mexico Insurers are NOT rated independently)

A number of people however do not have the necessary facts about Mexican car insurance when it comes to soliciting for the same. Unfortunately, you might depend on a US or Canadian policy that offers or involves physical damage coverage only for a few miles across the border. This does not in any way comply with the requirements of Mexican law. Mexican law and regulations require that any driver who is liable for any accident to expressly show ability to foot all the expenses as a result of damages due to the accident.

You should make sure that your Mexican insurance policy offers adequate liability coverage. Your insurance provider should have a package that ensures medical payments to the occupants of the vehicle that is insured. All these people (up to 4 vehicle occupants) should be covered in the insurance policy.

There are a few tricks that a street smart driver can use in order to ensure maximum benefits from his/her Mexican personal car insurance e.g. taking photos at the accident scene and making sure you have the police report copy. The best thing about acquiring Mexican insurance packages before you leave for Mexico is that you’ve got your back covered. Mexican insurance providers cover claims only if the person involved places his claim before returning to the states.

You should also ensure that you have access to reliable communication means as more often than not; Mexican land line phones fail to work as reliably as they should. Cell phones expanded by your cell phone provider to include all of Mexico work best.

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