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Do you need motor insurance for a few days?

Buying car insurance for a weekend is straightforward for UK motorists. Short term car insurance for two or three days, or even up to a month, has made motoring on UK roads far more economical and has removed the risks of driving without insurance for over half a million drivers already. Could you take out a temporary policy? Below are the main conditions; you could see the rest by looking at the policy documentation.

Which cars can be insured temporarily?

It could be a vehicle that was owned by the driver or one borrowed from a friend or relation. A hired car or one that was owned by a car hire company would, sadly, not be insurable. It would need to be registered and kept in the UK, with a maximum of 7 seats and be unmodified (apart from vehicles altered to suit disabled drivers). The insurers have extensive lists of motor vehicles which they can cover.

Which drivers can take out short term policies?

A motorist would need to be over 19 and have held a full driving licence for at least 1 year. A reasonable driving record would be expected.

How would I apply for a policy?

It’s all done online. Fill out a short questionnaire that should take less than a minute, to get a quotation. If the premium is acceptable the rest of the formalities should take just two or three minutes more. Decide how long you want the policy to run for. Pay the premium by credit card and that’s it; you’re covered.

How do I receive the insurance documents?

They are emailed to you. You may wish to print out the insurance certificate in case you are asked to present it but it’s not obligatory.

Is the insurance policy recorded on the Motor Insurance Database?

Yes but bear in mind it can take a day or two for it to show on it (which is why it’s often advisable to carry the insurance certificate). You can then confirm that your insurance policy is in order at askmid

Buying temporary insurance for several days, a few weeks or even a month has never been so simple or economical. Why not get a quote for your policy now.

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